Cooking With Justin #5 - Dumpling Delight

Posted by Justin on 05Apr2012

Mmmmmm....pot-stickers, dumplings, and wontons. Whatever your style, we start with a basic approach for you to customize to your taste.

Cooking With Justin #4 - Pizza From Scratch

Posted by Justin on 08Mar2012

Pizza, in any of a number of variations, is an international favorite! We'll make our own dough, talk about how to cook it to a crispy crust at home, and try out our own sauce and numerous toppings.

Cooking With Justin #2 - Designer Cupcakes

Posted by Justin on 23Feb2012

Cup cakes have enjoyed a bit of a renaissance of late. The trick to a truly great cupcake is to start with a great cake recipe and adapt it to cup cake format...the key is moisture management.

Cooking With Justin #1 - Ganache, Truffles, Caramel

Posted by Justin on 02Feb2012

Just in time for St. Valentine's Day, these simple treats require a little attention but never fail to impress.

Grandma's Chocolate Cake

Posted by Justin and Vickie on 24Aug2008

Another unbeatable recipe from grandma, this we lay this recipe out in our kitchen so you may recreate it in yours! Moist and spongy, full of real cocoa and not too sweet, this is the best chocolate cake you will ever have or make.

Perfect Chocolate Icing

Posted by Justin and Vickie on 24Aug2008

What better way to top of the best chocolate cake you've ever had (guaranteed!), than with not-too-sweet chocolate icing? We show you a simple recipe which can replace all that stuff you buy at the store. Be advised, this icing is at its best when allowed to chill overnight before application.

How to melt chocolate

Posted by Justin and Vickie on 24Aug2008

Integral to the process of making Grandma's Chocolate Cake and the Perfect Chocolate Icing, this is a simple description of how to melt chocolate with no fuss, scorching, or special equipment. At some future time, we will build on this page with some of our favorite truffle recipes.

Grandma's Cheesecake

Posted by Justin and Vickie on 16Apr2007

Truly the best cheesecake you will ever have...once you have perfected the technique! The recipe is simple, but as with many baked items, getting the technique right can be tricky. It took us 6 tries (with feedback from grandma for guidance) to get right, so along with the simple recipe, we have included our details to shorten your learning curve. Enjoy!