JVsquad.us Photograph License

Posted by Justin on 30Oct2011
Creative Commons License

In keeping with our desire to share our experiences with others, we've uploaded the bulk of our pictures for all to enjoy, observe and learn about the places we have visited, print, re-share, create artistic works, and have for ever and ever! And at full resolution, too! In general, just don't use them in commercial applications and without attributing. Details below.

JVsquad Site Debuts!

Posted by Justin on 11Apr2007

Long talked about, and now finally acted upon, JVsquad.us was launched today! The primary topics of this site will be our travels, food, and projects we want to share with others. Lots of work to be done, so please do not be overly concerned with the links which do not yet go anywhere. Also, not ones to do work twice, the JVsquad website is based on a design by NodeThirtyThree Design.