Cruise to Bermuda

Posted by Justin on 30Oct2011

This was a busy year for Vickie, so we needed a cruise to revitalize. Two good friends came with us, so we had a merry little group, none of whom had been to Bermuda before. We learned our lesson from the last cruise and actually did some research in order to come up with a list of items of interest. Justin was in good form, with lots of pictures taken, nearly half of which were for stitching together to make panoramic photos. Those will be posted as they are ready.

Review the itinerary and comments at the link below, or go straight to the gallery to view, download, or print any of the plethora of pictures.

Honeymoon in San Francisco

Posted by Justin on 07Jul2008

Well, we didn't just get back from our honeymoon, but here are the pictures from our November, 2007 trip. We had a great time and walked all over the city! Despite 2-3 stops a day (and lots of small visits in between), our list of stuff to do may now be even longer...we'll just have to go back.

As usual, more pictures in the gallery--check out the file names for details of each picture.

Cruise to Florida & Bahamas

Posted by Vickie on 21Jun2008

Check out our pics of our first cruise together! More photos can be found in the gallery.